Sugar free desserts

Incredible inventions
by chef Alexandre
My wife has always had passion for desserts and she had always to struggle between desire to taste something delicious and to be fit. Finally she had to refuse any deserts not to gain extra weight but I've seen sadness in her eyes, because she could not afford herself pleasures she would like to enjoy.

This is how the idea of « sugar free » and « wheat free » desserts was born. I took all possible desserts we knew and re-worked them to be healthy. So i made accents on fresh fruit and berries and farm products, replaced sugar with stevia extracts. And it worked. So now only my wife can enjoy juicy and healthy desserts, but all people who love desserts and take are of their health.
Alexandre, chief patissier
« Love desserts » by A. Patissier
A cookery book of sugar-free and wheat-free desserts
My mission
Sugar free and wheat free desserts for everyone.
Obesity and diabetes should stay in the previous century.
Enjoying life. Enjoying being yourself.
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